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Offer for dealers and partners

We offer cooperation in the supply of multi-purpose hidden hatches. Products: hatches for tiles, painting, floor, ceiling, plumbing.

We provide full information and technical support for dealers and offer partnerships on very favorable terms!

Benefits of working with us:

  • You get a special dealer price for any batch from the first day of work
  • Increasing sales of your outlet
  • Optimization of volumes and minimization of storage areas for goods (we carry out delivery in Riga and Riga region on the day of order)
  • We will provide free sample stands, visual materials, advertising brochures.
  • We will advise your sellers on any technical issues.
  • We will provide wholesale deliveries in the shortest possible time without any problems.
  • Access to the online system with current balances.
  • All BAULuke products are guaranteed for 5 years.

We will be glad to start cooperation!

Phone. +371 28993365

E-mail: [email protected]